Saturday, November 29, 2014

Afghan High Peace Council

Most counterinsurgencies do not end with a military victory by the insurgents or the counter-insurgents. The majority of insurgencies end with a political settlement. With this in mind many observers push for a political accommodation with the Taliban; but thus far the Taliban have been difficult to negotiate with. In addition, the High Peace Council, the Afghan organization charged with reintegration and reconciliation with the Taliban has been hampered by meddling from Karzai and ill-informed efforts of the United States. Amir Ramin is a member of the Afghan High Peace Council and the deputy chief executive officer of the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program. He has wrote an online article about the purpose of the High Peace Council, some of the problems plaguing progress in the peace talks, the confusion associated with the function and roles of the High Peace Council, the interference by Karzai with the peace process, and some recommendations for the future. Read more in "Forging Policy for Peace After Karzai", The South Asia Channel - Foreign Policy, November 21, 2104.

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