Friday, October 24, 2014

International Military Education and Training - IMET

Every once in a while we hear about an Afghan from the ANA or ANP who, while attending a training course in the United States decides he has had enough of the war and he goes missing or requests asylum. How does this ANA soldier or ANP policeman get to the United States in the first place? Usually it is through the International Military Education and Training (IMET) program. IMET provides funds for training and education on a grant basis to students from allied and friendly nations (one of them being Afghanistan). The IMET program is a great training and educational vehicle for our military allies; and it is a great program for Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the slots for IMET in Afghanistan have not been fully filled (historically with a fill rate of just over 50%). In addition, the Afghan personnel selected for IMET training and education opportunities do not have a good command of English and are usually associated with the political patronage net of some of the higher ranking military or police officials. So, once again, the Afghans have squandered a great opportunity because of corruption, political patronage, and incompetence. You can learn more about IMET at the website of Security Assistance Monitor at this link:

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