Saturday, October 4, 2014

AAF Receives 3rd C-130

The Afghan Air Force (AAF) has received delivery of its third C-130 cargo aircraft. The AAF has had a troubled past - stories of drug running, poor maintenance, untrained personnel taint the gains the AAF have made in recent years. Many observers question why the Afghans are getting the C-130s. The Afghans could not get the smaller, less complicated, and easier to maintain C-27A's to fly (the C-27As are currently sitting on the ramp at Kabul Airport and are slowly being dismantled). Read more in "Gift Horses: Afghanistan's C-130 Fleet", Defense Industry Daily, September 28, 2014. View a ISAF HQ Public Affairs video (DVIDS) on the delivery of C-130s in October 2013 here.

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