Saturday, September 20, 2014

Afghan Stability Equals Presidential Election Deal

The situation in Afghanistan is tenuous. It could slip into anarchy very quickly if the current impasse with the results of the fraudulent elections is not resolved. The two contending candidates for president need to come to an accommodation on power sharing. Normally the winner (supposedly Ghani) would take all but with the vast fraud that took place the loser (Abdullah) is holding some cards. He is currently negotiating for a power-sharing scheme (some are calling it a unity government). Abdullah is not quite ready to call it a day and admit defeat as he is holding out for some additional perks. Ghani is reluctant to give up too much power to Abdullah but he needs to do a little sharing to garner Abdullah's support (or at least to quiet him enough that the Tajiks and Hazara accept Ghani as president). Read more in "Afghanistan's stability depends on two presidential contenders reaching a deal", The Washington Post, September 17, 2014.

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