Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sarah Chayes on Karzai - A Cozy Relationship with The Taliban

Many believe that President Hamid Karzai's behavior toward the United States is erratic and inconsistent and are having difficulty on figuring out why he has 'turned on the U.S'. Most point to the non-signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement, release of detainees with histories of attacking Americans, and his periodic out-bursts on night raids, civilian casualties, negotiations with the Taliban, and more. One very knowledgeable and long-term observer of the Afghan scene says that we shouldn't be surprised at Karzai's behavior - pointing to a "cozy history" with the Taliban in the past. Read Sarah Chayes latest opinion piece in "Hamid Karzai's cozy history with the Taliban", Los Angeles Times, February 9, 2014.

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