Thursday, February 13, 2014

RAND Paper - Historical Lessons Negotiating with Insurgencies

RAND Corporation has published a paper entitled "From Stalemate to Settlement: Lessons for Afghanistan From Historical Insurgencies That Have Been Resolved Through Negotiations", By Colin R. Clarke and Christopher Paul, dated February 2014. The paper, a research project, examines 13 historical cases of insurgencies that were resolved through negotiated settlement in which neither side unambiguously prevailed. Negotiations with the Taliban have been less than fruitful thus far. The cases presented in the paper reveal that the path to negotiated settlement generally proceeds in several steps. The findings could serve as an important tool to guide the progress in resolving the Afghan conflict through negotiations as the U.S. and ISAF forces withdraw. You can read or download the RAND document online on the RAND web site at this link -

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