Thursday, February 13, 2014

News About OCC-R at FOB Gamberi

"LAGHMAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan – On March 2, 2008, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai signed the decree that initiated the creation of Operational Coordination Centers at the provincial and regional levels for the Afghan National Security Forces. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan designed these OCC-Provincials and OCC-Regionals to serve as hubs of information wherein the different pillars of the ANSF could share intelligence and coordinate operations in real time, even while missions are being executed. Six years later, OCCs are now located across the country. Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police, Afghan Border Police, Afghan Civil Order Police, and the National Directorate of Security, all work together under the same roof at these centers to help keep their country secure." 

Read more about the OCC-R located at FOB Gamberi in the North of Kabul (NoK) area of Regional Command East in "Coordination centers fortify Afghan security", DVIDS, February 9, 2014. Learn more about OCC-Rs in Afghanistan here.

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