Friday, February 14, 2014

Afghanistan Through a Western Lens Looks Like Failure

Most observers look at the outcome in Afghanistan as a failure. The government is ineffective and corrupt, the Taliban remain strong and entrenched in their support zones, the Afghan Army can conduct battalion (kandak), brigade, and corps level operations to clear an area of Taliban but don't know how to hold an area. The Afghan police is corrupt as well as the judiciary system, aid dollars are squandered and/or sitting in Dubai bank accounts, and provincial governors are consorting with the Taliban. Karzai has turned on the United States, releasing hardened Taliban fighters, accusing the U.S. of crimes against Afghan civilians, and is increasing his verbal assaults against the United States. Many predict that the Afghan election will be fraudulent and the outcome may be a president even worse than Karzai elected as President. However some think there is a lot of positive trends in place and accuse us of looking at Afghanistan from a western viewpoint. Read "To See the Progress in Afghanistan Stop Viewing the Country Through a Western Lens", The Daily Beast, February 11, 2014.

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