Friday, February 14, 2014

Afghan Border Police Learn Map Reading

Photo by CPL Mariah Best, Feb 8, 2014
Security Force Assistance Advisory Teams (SFAAT) continue to work with their counterparts in Afghanistan to improve their capabilities. Intelligence is an important aspect of the counterinsurgency fight in Afghanistan. One of the key functions of an intelligence analyst is being able to plot a grid coordinate on a map. This is one of the many areas where the intelligence advisor on a SFAAT can provide assistance - facilitating map reading classes for the advised Afghan National Security Force unit to improve its intelligence skills. A recent news release by the military provides us with a great example of this - recently 1LT Jonathan Ramey of 3rd BCT, 1st Infantry Division assisted his Afghan counterpart in running a map reading class for members of the 3rd Zone Afghan Border Police in Kandahar. Read more in "Map-reading course brings success to ANP operations", DVIDS, February 10, 2014.

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