Wednesday, February 26, 2014

163rd MI Battalion Assists Afghans in RC South

In the current environment in Afghanistan U.S. Soldiers are doing a lot less fighting and more advising. This has been the norm since 2012 when the focus of ISAF turned to Security Force Assistance or SFA. As part of that advisory effort the Afghan National Army is provided advice and assistance in a number of functional areas. One of those areas is extremely important - the ability to gather, analyze, process, and distribute intelligence. As every SFA adviser working in Afghanistan knows  - intelligence is a key component in conducting operations in a counterinsurgency. The Afghan National Security Forces have not been very adept in conducting intelligence-driven operations; but they are receiving training, advice, and support in this important area. Each of the Afghan corps have a Military Intelligence Kandak (battalion). In Regional Command South the Military Intelligence Kandak of the 205th ANA Corps is advised by elements of the 163rd Military Intelligence Battalion. Read more on the 163rd in "Fort Hood MI battalion more than halfway finished with deployment", Fort Hood Herald, February 19, 2014.

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