Sunday, January 4, 2015

Students of Afghan Air Force

Flying students in the Afghan Air Force (AAF) attend their training at Shindand Airbase in western Afghanistan. The aircraft they learn on is the Cessna 182T. Shindand Airbase is about 60 miles south of Herat and 75 miles from the Iranian border. The airfield, a former base for the Soviet Union, opened for flight training in September 2011 with the arrival of the first C-182T. The U.S. Air Force is working in conjunction with Integration Innovation, Inc. (; the firm that provides contract instructors for the flight training program. The first I3 class started in December 2011. The students learn to fly Cessna 182Ts, Cessna 208s, and other aircraft. Find out more about the Afghan Air Force flight training program in "Learning to fly in a war zone", Blue Force Tracker, December 29, 2014.

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