Sunday, November 16, 2014

More Daily Afghan War News Snippets

A discussion on the inaccuracy of the Clausewitz phrase "war is the continuation of policy by other means". Actually . . . the German version says "with" not "by" and that makes a difference. Read more in "Everything You Know About Clausewitz is Wrong", The Diplomat, November 12, 2014.

A writer comments on the use of "hate" while in combat by examining the French Foreign Legion in Afghanistan. See "Forgetting Hate: A quick lesson on battlefield conduct from the Legion Etrangere", The Kings of War Blog, November 10, 2014.

The opium trade is going well in Afghanistan - with dramatic increases in opium production in 2014. Read more in "Afghan Opium Increases, Despite Interventions",, November 13, 2014. See also "Why Putin Might Blame the U.S. for Russia's Drug Problem", Bloomberg News, November 14, 2014.

The commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) is giving the troop drawdown schedule a second look. See "New commander in Afghanistan reviews drawdown plans", Army Times, November 14, 2014.

Violence against women in Afghanistan is still a major concern. Read more in "UN calls for protection of women's rights in Afghanistan", Jurist, November 13, 2014.

Afghan women have a national cycling team. (PRI's The World, November 13, 2014.)

Max Boot (a military commentator and historian) believes that our general officers should be evaluating their performance over the past decade of war. Certainly (Boot) says many early mistakes were made; however, he thinks that this self-criticism may go too far. Read more in "Veterans Day and Excessive Self-Criticism", Commentary Magazine, November 11, 2014.

After more than 12 years of fighting it is clear that the Taliban is far from vanquished. The Times of India has published an article entitled "War on terror: What has US achieved in Afghanistan", (November 14, 2014).

The A-10 has provided ground troops with dependable close air support for many years. The Air Force needs to retire the A-10 in order to fund its very expensive F-35. But . . . there are opponents to that plan. See "Congress Likely to Reject A-10 Partial Retirement Plan", Defense News, November 13, 2014. Another story, same topic in "TACP Association joins lawmakers in opposing A-10 cuts", Air Force Times, November 13, 2014.

The use of live animals to train medical personnel has always caused consternation among animal rights groups. See "Defense Department to reduce use of live animals for medical training", Military Times, November 13, 2014.

The U.S. Army has a new combatives course. Read "Combatives gets new master trainer course", Army Times, November 13, 2014.

The Pakistani army chief will be visiting the United States soon. Perhaps we can convince him to stop supporting the Haqqani Network. (The Washington Post, November 14, 2014).

A commentator writes about the importance of IO in "Drones vs. Snowball Fights: The Contested Battlegrounds of Information Warfare", E-International Relations, November 9, 2014.

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