Monday, November 3, 2014

19th SFGA NCO "Retired" Over Bikini Video

An NCO of the 19th Special Forces Group is being "retired" because he provided support to a United Kingdom firm that produces a "Wounded Warrior Calendar" that raises money for wounded U.S. and British solders. The NCO, who was also wounded during a deployment (receiving a Purple Heart), assisted in the photo shoots for the 2015 "Hot Shots Calendar" by providing access to a National Guard military installation and some equipment (vehicles). Most of the video and calendar photos were actually produced on the property of a private gun club utilizing the facilities, equipment, and weapons of the private shooting range. The company that produces the calendar donates proceeds toward wounded British and American veterans. In an older (not so politically correct) Army this sort of patriotic behavior was encouraged (and enjoyed by the male members of the military). But the times have changed (unfortunately for us older Soldiers who remember the good times) and our military leaders are much more politically correct now. It would have been great to see the NG leadership in Utah to stand up to the Utah politicians and state that the NCO was just doing his part in the overall fight but it seems they caved very quickly on this issue. Seems to me he was just putting his Special Forces training to good use! Read more in "Utah National Guard disciplines four servicemen over bikini-model video", Yahoo! News, November 2, 2014.

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