Sunday, October 26, 2014

Map of 2014 Large Taliban Offensives by District

The Taliban conducted a very intensive 2014 fighting season in Afghanistan. The fighting season typically runs from April to October. The 2014 fighting season saw the Taliban massing forces in larger numbers and taking over several district centers for as long as a month before the ANSF could dislodge them. Many times the Taliban operated in groups as large as 100 members. This is something that would not be done in the past due to ISAF air power. However, ISAF air power was withheld from the ANSF during much of the 2014 fighting season; and only used in greater numbers in August and September when it became apparent the ANSF desperately needed some assistance. You can view a map (produced by Jason Lyall of Yale University) of where the Taliban operated in large formations by district at "Taliban Offensives (April-October 2014)", CARTODB, October 2014.

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