Tuesday, January 28, 2014

STARRS - Flex Cuffs for "Lone Survivor" Scenarios

A former Navy Captain and SEAL who was the command surgeon for the U.S. Special Operations Command has invented a time-delayed flex cuff device (called STARRS) that might have averted the "Lone Survivor" scenario. On the mission the four SEALs were spotted by three goat herders (one a teenage boy). The moral and tactical dilemma facing the four SEALs was whether to execute the goat herders, restrain them, or let them go. The SEALs let the goat herders go and the goat herders reported their presence to others. It didn't take long, two hours, for the Taliban to show up in superior numbers. Of the four SEALs, only one survived and in a subsequent rescue attempt even more SEALs died. The "Time Cuff" could have been helpful if available to the SEALs. Read more in "Lone Survivor debacle could be avoided with a gadget", USA Today, January 21, 2014. Visit a website with more information on the "Special Timer-Activated Restraint & Release System (STARRS) at the following link - www.sofwat.com/portfolio/starrs-tactical-cuffs/.

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