Friday, January 24, 2014

INSO View of Security in Afghanistan Post-2014

The International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) offers support, analysis and advice for humanitarians working in Afghanistan. The INSO has been operating in Afghanistan since 2002 (formerly known as ANSO). It relies on funding from donors to operate. Some of these donors include ECHO, SDC, and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Over 300 NGOs operating in Afghanistan have membership in INSO. The INSO view of security in Afghanistan is not optimistic. Read what it says on its website about Afghanistan.
"As the NATO combat mission nears its end, the leadership, manpower and organisation of the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) remains capable of conducting aggressive combat operations across the country. Despite their growth, government armed forces have so far been unable to fill the security gap left by the departing NATO soldiers and are increasingly targeted in Taliban operations along with Government civilians. Peace talks have stalled in the absence of any credible incentives or commitments on either side. After 2014, it seems likely that Afghanistan will once again enter a period of protracted conflict in which the dominant paradigm of 'NATO vs Taliban' will be replaced by multiple overlapping conflicts between and within Afghan groups".
Source of quote above found at below link:!programs/cee5

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