Saturday, October 18, 2014

Special Forces Stretched Too Thin?

The U.S. Special Forces have been at war for over 13 years. It's members have deployed year after year to war zones (Iraq and Afghanistan), conflict areas (Philippines, Africa, eastern Europe, etc.), and maintained a year to year presence in over 80 countries on various training missions. The operational tempo is taking its toll. Suicides within the force are at an all-time high and many members are opting out after ten years of service in light of the Army's stance on cutting pay and benefits. Everyone looked at end of the Iraq mission in late 2011 and the end of the ISAF mission in late 2014 (it will transition to Resolute Support with a reduced SF presence conducting Security Force Assistance) as an opportunity to catch their breath. But now the conflict with ISIS has developed. Are the Special Forces stretched too thin? Read more in "Are America's special operations forces in crisis?", The Week, October 16, 2014.

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