Thursday, February 6, 2014

Construction for 215th Corps Logistics Unit Completed

Future home of 215th ANA Corps Logistics Unit
Photo by Bill Dowell, USACE, January 28, 2014
Construction is almost complete for the logistics unit that supports the 215th Afghan National Army Corps in southwest Afghanistan. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers acts as construction agents for numerous projects in Afghanistan. The Corps employees contract and oversee construction in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations and Corps guidance. It is a difficult working environment - a society rife with corruption, trade and construction skilled labor not abundant, harsh weather conditions, and very little security for the transit of equipment, material and supplies. In addition, Afghan construction projects have been well-renowned for not being completed and for shoddy workmanship. In this specific instance, the USACE feels the project went well (a dose of good news never hurts especially in light of recent reports on reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan by SIGAR). See "Construction projects some of the best, general says", DVIDS - U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, February 3, 2014.

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